Our business

A major player in European transport

The Eurotunnel Group operates the cross-Channel Fixed Link, which is the fastest, safest and most environmentally friendly way of crossing the Short Straits. This rolling motorway, the busiest in the world, sees 25% of the trade between the UK and continental Europe pass through it. Traffic records have been broken month after month by the Eurotunnel Passenger and Truck Shuttles, both before and since the Brexit vote, thus confirming the vital role of this high-speed link, which also welcomes high-speed passenger trains and rail freight trains.

A vital connection, the Fixed Link will also contribute to secure the energy supply for the UK and France with the 1,000 MW electrical interconnector under construction in the Tunnel by ElecLink, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Eurotunnel Group and a promising driver for growth.

With Europorte, the Eurotunnel Group is positioned as the leading private rail freight operator in France. The Group also leverages its know-how in railway training (CIFFCO), whilst continuing its mission as a land developer, as entrusted by the British and French governments more than 20 years ago.

Creating value for the future and with social responsibility at the heart of its strategy, the Eurotunnel Group holds the Channel Tunnel Concession until 2086. The outlook for the development of its business benefits from very long-term visibility under normal operating conditions, particularly in terms of recurring cash flow. Groupe Eurotunnel SE is a European company listed on Euronext Paris Compartment A) and Euronext London.

In 2017, the Eurotunnel Group is:

  • A company at the cutting edge of technology
  • A resilient business model
  • A competitive and efficient group
  • The benchmark in environmental transport
  • Sustainably anchored in its region.

Groupe Eurotunnel SE, the Group's listed holding company, controls in particular the two Channel Tunnel Concessionaires and Europorte SAS in relation to rail freight transport activities. Groupe Eurotunnel SE is also a enhancing the value of the Tunnel with the construction of the electrical interconnection between France and the United Kingdom, through its subsidiary ElecLink Ltd.

Groupe Eurotunnel SE, as a European company, is a member of the ASEP, the Alliance for Societas Europaea Promotion.